Adam Dight

Business Risk Analyst

As a valuable team member with trusted and leading-edge investment and financial management firms over the past 25 years, Adam quickly built a reputation for his ability to identify and analyse business risk, and provide trusted advice to small-and-medium-sized companies which helped them to grow. The provision of trusted advice through many and varied economic, financial, and, political and geopolitical cycles provides a broader depth of market knowledge to our clients from a top-down perspective.

Adam has a Bachelor of Business (Banking and Finance) and a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investments. Investing client funds in businesses certainly tap into Adam’s passion for providing strategic advice to family-owned businesses and dealing with risk before it becomes an issue.

In particular, Adam’s trusted advice, supported by independent research in relation to investment opportunities for the Queensland government sovereign wealth fund, gave Adam direct access to many of Australia’s family-owned and managed and publicly-listed companies across the real estate and construction, healthcare, leisure and industrial sub-sectors. Adam is in the process of completing a Master of Financial Planning at Deakin University, Victoria.