Running on the treadmill of living from one pay to the next? Bills that seemingly come from nowhere? No money towards the things you really want?

At Holzworth Partners we have developed the perfect solution! We call it MyWEALTH, your wealth creation program, tailored specifically to your needs and goals, by focusing on:

  • Growing your wealth
  • Eliminating debt
  • Gaining financial freedom

MyWEALTH will follow you throughout all the stages of wealth creation, beginning at the grassroots stage and using three steps to get you on track to realise your financial dreams.

Step 1

Our focus is using our expertise to work with you from the grassroots to build healthy habits that are the foundation for building wealth. We start by getting to know you!, Your objectives, your goals, and what you really want from life.

Step 2

We provide you with the tools to really take control of your finances. Our financial experts will train you in our effective software, allowing you to track and record your expenses on the fly, across all your devices.

Step 3

Using this information we will be able to develop a highly personalised MyWEALTH Plan. Your MyWEALTH Plan is more than a budget, it’s specifically tailored strategies to you and chock full of ways to change your financial world.

 Your Journey

Once we are confident you have the tools available to be well on your way to financial freedom we will touch base with you frequently to review and identify any opportunities to build, and protect, your wealth.

Can’t wait to get started?

If you want to build your wealth and reach your financial dream then contact us today and we will get you started on your MyWEALTH journey!

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