For those times you are seeking out financial expertise to successfully guide you through the loan process, from start to finish, the Holzworth Partners team can refer you to an appropriately licensed lending professional to provide mortgage services that meet your needs and financial objectives.

Our services are designed to help you take care of your debt, knowing that the quantity and quality of your debt is inextricably linked to your financial well-being. We help our clients gain the control they seek so each is not a long-term slave to the relentless cycle of debt.

Service areas of debt we can assist you with include:

  • Home and/or Investment Property Mortgages

We will work with you to identify your objectives and refer you to a lending professional to implement loan facilities which are suitable to your needs.

  • Personal loans

Often a short-term lending solution is necessary to “bridge” a debt or cash flow gap. We can assist by putting you in touch with one of our lending partners to design a solution to achieve your objective and provide you with peace of mind. This can include structuring the facility so you can exit the debt as swiftly as possible.

  • Loan Refinancing

Sometimes the loan product you are using may prove to be on unfavourable terms as market dynamics shift. At these times it is important to know what your options are and whether you should (and are able) to change the loan arrangements in place. Holzworth Partners’ can refer you to lending experts who can provide the advice and guidance to the best outcome for you.


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