We are pleased to release the investment reports for the fourth quarter of 2023. These reports provide a comprehensive overview of financial markets activity and the performance of each portfolio model from inception through to the latest quarter ending 31 December 2023.

Key highlights of the Q4 2023 Investment Reports include:

  1. Performance Overview: A detailed analysis of each portfolio’s performance, highlighting any significant achievements or areas for consideration.
  2. Asset Allocation: A breakdown of investments across various asset classes, providing insights into the diversification of portfolios.
  3. Market Commentary: An overview of the market conditions during Q4 2023, along with expert commentary on notable trends and events affecting your investments.
  4. Recommendations: Any recommendations for adjustments or optimizations based on the current market scenario and financial goals.

To access the Q4 2023 investment reports, select below.

IndexInvest Financial Technologies (FinTech) Quarterly Report Q4 2023

IndexInvest Global Growth Quarterly Reports Q4 2023

IndexInvest Australian Shares Quarterly Report Q4 2023

IndexInvest Strategic Quarterly Report Q4 2023