The proprietary investment management techniques IndexInvest utilises enables investors to access diversified solutions at the Core of a portfolio and/or Satellite holdings at the periphery:


Prudent investors maintain an exposure at the core of their portfolio to a process focused on achieving their primary investment objectives. These objectives may include targeted investment return/performance benchmarks, and acceptance of risk to capital at defined levels.

For example, how much investment return should an investor seek and how much risk are they prepard to accept to achieve it.

It is therefore, not realistic to say, “give the best return possible”, if the risk to achieve it is more than the investor is prepared to take.

This is why IndexInvest developed a core investment discipline focused on protecting investor capital as its primary mandate. Yet, IndexInvest has demonstrated that protection does not come at the expense of high investment performance.

Each of the three IndexInvest core portfolios – Growth, Balanced, Conservative – has consistently and substantially outperformed the benchmark in achieving real returns each year. No year has resulted in a negative investment return.

The IndexInvest core portfolios will often be diversified across the major asset classes.


Having determined the allocation of capital at the core of a portfolio to achieve predictable investment returns with acceptable risk, investors can also choose to allocate to a satellite strategy or series of satellites.

The objective of satellites is to earn investors higher performance returns, some delivering 5% per month, for example. These strategies may be unconcerned with principles of diversification and risk management – which is precisely what makes them appealing!

Satellites may include a single strategy focused on one sector or market, or may comprise multiple strategies across multiple markets and engage leverage.

IndexInvest’s sepcialist skills and expertise fill a niche to deliver highly focused, highly concentrated and high conviction satellite strategies targeting high investor returns. With strategies targeting a minimum 1.5% per month return through to uncapped return potential, IndexInvest satellite strategies can satisfy the performance appetites of almost all investors.

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