Entity Establishment

We work with you to get to know your plans and recommend which structure – a sole trader, partnership, trust, company, individual trustee, corporate trustee. Once that’s done we’ll work with your in house Accountants to get your business registered set up your business name, and your GST and PAYG registrations with the ATO and ASIC.

Commercial transactions

Commercial transactions can be complex, with many unforeseen effects, including tax issues. We will advise you in the common areas of difficulty that result from commercial transactions to ensure that what you are engaging in is appropriate.

Contract drafting

Formal contracts are a way of the world today. It is scarce to see people transacting business by a handshake. We will work with you to help draft your contract.

Buy/sell planning

Who will own and manage your business when you are no longer able to or don’t want to? Buy/sell planning is essential for every business to ensure proper business succession.

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