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Prioritised Investor Service

Gain Prioritised Investor status to access wholesale investments and professional services tailored to your requirements.

Being a Prioritised Investor with HS opens the world

Expand your horizons by accessing investment opportunities and insights exclusive to Holzworth Securities Prioritised clients.

  • Individualised investment solutions from highly qualified investment professionals. Gain confidence from a team with a proven record of service and outcomes.
  • Investments are available in more than 130 global markets comprising shares, funds, ETFs (exchange traded funds), bonds, FX and commodities on one integrated platform.
  • Comprehensive portfolio reporting. If required, tax return preparation and advice available from our wholly owned Tax and Accounting firm Holzworth Partners.
  • Access advanced investment strategies and model portfolios, or trade with support from our investment specialists at a low 0.14% brokerage.
  • Fixed, tax-deductible subscription fees providing transparency and certainty.

Professional support

A key account manager will support your goals and objectives by knowing your circumstances. They support your wealth journey.
They are your connection with our investment professionals helping you make the most of each investment opportunity.

Innovative investments

It was once only the very largest institutions and very high net worth investors could access the latest products and themes. Now, you can benefit from how globalisation and technology have widened the scope of participation to others.

Are you an “ethical” investor?

The global focus on ESG (environmental, social responsibility and good governance) investing is creating a new standard. Where ‘ethical’ investment is important to you, learn how we can support this priority.

Invest in the latest technologies

Do you wish to take your portfolio to another level? Investing in Blockchain and cryptocurrency can take you there. Learn of our solutions to deliver specialised outcomes.

Other specialised services

Engaging with HS creates priority access to other services available within the Holzworth Partners group. Whether your need is Tax advice and Accounting services; Legal services including personal and business succession planning, property conveyancing, family law needs and immigration support; Finance and Mortgage services – our professionals are ready to support you.

Tailored Solutions

Sometimes, other products, services or solutions are required to meet a bespoke need. The Holzworth Partners network of professionals will fill any void ensuring a comprehensive result.

HS welcomes all suitable investors whether individual, family group, company, SMSF, trust, etc. as participating Prioritised Investors.

Ready to become a Prioritised Investor?

To become a HS Prioritised Investor you will need to qualify as a “wholesale investor”. Doing so can give you access to a broader range of investment opportunities that are not available to retail clients. To demonstrate you are a wholesale investor you must meet one of the four categories summarised below:

  • If investing less than $500,000, provide a certificate from a qualified accountant, obtained within the prior two years, that you have net assets of at least $2.5m or had a gross income for each of the last two financial years of at least $250,000; or
  • Make an investment of $500,000 or more; or.
  • Be a “professional Investor” or a “Sophisticated Investor” (as those terms are defined in the Corporations Act); or
  • Be an “experienced Investor”. An Experienced Investor is a person or organisation that has had significant dealing and exposure to investment.

If you are unsure you meet the corporations law criteria please contact us.

Your accountant can complete this certificate confirming you meet the criteria, then forward to us at the address indicated on the form. Alternatively, contact us on ph 1300 009 888 to discuss how our Accountants can assist in completing the certificate.

Next Step

Complete brief inquiry form and a member of our professional team will contact you.

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Important information
By applying to qualify for Holzworth Securities Prioritised Investor Service as a Wholesale Client/Sophisticated Investor, I understand and acknowledge that:

  • I may lose the retail protections which are available under the Corporations Act which include but are not limited to: receiving retail disclosure documents such as a Financial Services Guide or Statement of Advice; receiving retail offer documents such as a Prospectus or Product Disclosure statement; Holzworth Securities and associated entities acting in your best interest; and you will not have access to Holzworth Securities and associated entities’ internal and external dispute resolution schemes;
  • It is my responsibility to determine if the information provided to me is sufficient for me to make a decision about the investments under the Holzworth Securities and associated entities’ Investor Service;
  • All the legal and financial implications of choosing to be classified as a Wholesale Client;
  • No Holzworth Securities employee or other person (including your accountant) or entity has influenced your decision to qualify for the Holzworth Securities Investor Service;
  • All information I have provided is not false or misleading information;
  • Holzworth Securities and associated entities do not guarantee any wholesale services or financial products will be made available to me under the Holzworth Securities Investor Service; and
  • Where I am acquiring the Holzworth Securities Investor Service as a trustee (including as a director acting in the capacity of a corporate trustee) of a trust (including an SMSF), I will acquire the interest in the underlying investment in the same capacity;
  • The accountant’s certificate provided in support of an application is only valid for a period of 2 years from the date of the accountant’s certificate and it is my responsibility to provide Holzworth Securities with a new accountant’s certificate prior to expiry. If I fail to do so, I will no longer be recognised as a Wholesale Client and will not be eligible for the Holzworth Securities Investor Service until such time as I provide Holzworth Securities with a new certificate;
  • All figures are in Australian dollars.