Our daily lives revolve around our families and work. A combination or one or the other of these dynamics means communicating on many levels. Fortunate or unfortunate most of our communication is driven by technology. We switch to our mobile phones or our televisions as the quickest and easiest way to keep us informed or in touch.

Social media platforms are in our faces constantly, however if this form of communication is placed in immature or inadequate hands it is a platform for disaster. We only must tune on the news to see the impact and affect that social media in particular youth crime has on our criminal justice system.

Resources including the judicial system are burdened due to the ongoing and growing effect social media is having on our youth population. It is unfortunate that social media appears to be having an adverse effect on how we are dealing with a definite problem in society.

This further overflows to other areas where families in particular parents are sometimes at a loss as to how to help their children. Indirectly now this can lead to a breakdown of parental relationships which further leads to an increase in family law matters in an already concentrated legal system.