What You Need to Know About Our Advice

Your advice is only current for a limited time
The recommendations an SoA is current for 30 days from the SoA date. After that time, you should not act on any of the recommendation without first contacting us.

We only recommend products we research
We maintain an approved product list of the products that have been researched and we believe best met the needs of our clients. Some clients have existing products and or request advice on products that we do not hold research on. In these cases, we will obtain research before we can provide advice on these. In some cases, we may not be able to advise on these as we cannot reasonably obtain research. In these circumstances we will make this clear to you.

Advice in your best interests and what it means
When providing you advice, we must by law act in your best interests. This means the products we recommend must be appropriate for you, given what we know about you and the research we obtain. In addition to your financial circumstances, your needs, objectives, priorities, and preferences are key factors in deciding the appropriateness of a strategy and or product. Therefore, it is important to communicate these clearly to us and keep us up to date with changes.

When recommending insurance, we will assess the amount and type of cover based on these critical factors. We then recommend an insurance type and product based on an overall assessment, a balance of factors, type and cover, and policy wording which are likely to put you in a better position. As no-one know what the future holds, even after our best judgement, there might be times where your existing insurance terms may have provided better cover. Investment recommendations are made on a similar basis with a mutual understanding of investments outside of cash are subject to market volatility which may expose you to the risk of capital loss.

Past performance is not an indicator of future performance
Although past performance of investments may be a consideration in developing our advice and products we recommend to you, past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

Taxation implications are a guide only
We are a registered tax (financial) adviser with the Tax Practitioners Board and are authorised to explain the taxation implications of our advice. Any taxation information provided is a guide only and based on a general understanding of the tax laws.

Projections, illustrations and assumptions are a guide only
These operate to provide you a guide as to how our advice may move you towards your goals. Projections and illustrations are not guaranteed because they are based on assumptions and reasonable estimates which are highly likely to change over time, and cannot be used to predict actual long-term outcomes. Assumptions are listed in the relevant projection and include assumed rate of returns on your assets, inflation rate, and legislation remaining unchanged over the projection time period.

Specialist advice is necessary
While we consider all relevant considerations, some issues such as your taxation, social security, estate planning, property and your legal situation will require further advice from the relevant specialist, such as a professional tax adviser, solicitor, real estate agent and or the relevant Government Department. Where we may provide you a referral to a professional, we cannot guarantee their service and therefore you should conduct your own due diligence.

Laws do and will change over time
Any advice and taxation, Centrelink and super information is based on the continuation of current law and rules.