What You Should Do Before Accepting Our Advice

You should read this SoA carefully

The information in this Statement of Advice has been collected directly from you and or your financial institutions, our software platforms and our research providers.  This means we have relied on the information provided by you and these third parties to prepare our advice to you.

While we have made reasonable inquiries of you and these third parties, you are advised to check the currency and completeness of the information and fully read the latest Product Disclosure Statements to reduce the risk of acting on advice that may not be appropriate for you because it is based on insufficient, inaccurate and or incomplete information.

Only agree to implement our advice once you are comfortable

We recommend you only agree to implement after you have had time to consider and fully understand the advice, its benefits, risks, and fees.  Please ask us any questions you have regarding your advice, the process, and services.

You should personally consider the appropriateness of limited advice

You personally need to consider the appropriateness of the advice where you have limited the scope of the advice you require from us. You need to ensure you understand the implications as well as considering the appropriateness of the advice given your knowledge of your overall circumstances.

You should read the Product Disclosure Statements (PDS) accompanying this advice

We recommend you read the PDSs as these contain important information about the financial products in our advice.  We recommend you read them, as they further explain any significant benefits and risks, fees and charges relevant to the product issuer.

You should understand, some but not all financial products give you right to a refund in 14 days after purchase

Some financial products give you the right to cancel them and obtain a refund within the cooling off period, typically 14 days. Please read the PDS for eligibility, terms and conditions. If you would like to cancel a product, please let us know as soon as possible.

You should ask for another copy of any documents referenced them if you don’t have a copy

Where we have referenced information and or other documents previously provided to you, you can obtain another copy free of charge by contacting us.