When planning to retire, there are many things to consider. The earlier you start preparing for retirement the more options you have.

Retirement planning covers topics such as:

  • how much superannuation is enough?;
  • taking a super pension;
  • claiming the Age Pension;
  • making superannuation contributions while receiving a pension from a super fund;
  • estate planning;
  • aged care;
  • Centrelink; and
  • looking after your family.

Through smart planning and management, our experience can make a real and material difference. We work closely with you to ensure you not only receive quality service, but also sound advice that is tailored to your individual retirement needs.

Our detailed knowledge of taxation laws and investment structures also means your finances are structured in the most tax effective way. Our highly-qualified advisors can help you make the best choice so that you can reap the rewards for years to come.

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Most people think of superannuation as a tax-favoured way of saving for your retirement. For employees, it is compulsory. For self-employed people, it is optional. For everybody, it is a great idea.

But superannuation is about more than retirement planning. It is actually a cornerstone of most people’s financial plan. This is because ‘super’ touches every other aspect of your financial planning. The way you manage your super impacts on how you manage your insurances, your other investments, your tax planning, your retirement planning, your marriage, your divorce, how and when you might help your adult kids out financially, your estate planning and even how you repay your own mortgage.

It is super by name and even more super by nature.

There are three types of super fund: retail funds, industry funds and self-managed superannuation funds. Different clients are suited to one or more of these types, and sometimes it makes sense to use more than one type in combination. We help you select the best type of fund for you. We then help you make best use of whichever option you take. This is important because super can and should be incorporated into your thinking about everything to do with your finances.

Self Managed Super Funds

As the name suggests, a self-managed super fund is one that the members manage for their own benefit.

Self-managed super funds (SMSFs) are one of the most popular ways for Australians to hold their super benefits. SMSFs allow for maximum control over super benefits, which in turn means that super benefits are managed in ways that complement all other elements of a financial plan. This includes, of course, your estate planning (super benefits are not generally subject to your will and therefore you need to make specific arrangements for the posthumous management of super benefits).

Correct planning also typically allows SMSFs to be the most efficient way for retirement benefits to be held.

Our comprehensive SMSF service ranges from establishing a new SMSF, to managing contributions into and investments by new and existing funds, to ensuring that the fund complies with the various aspects of super law to which it is subject. We can also assist you to utilise your SMSF to optimise your life insurance arrangements.

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